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  • Vestoj #10
    A mag in five pix:

    Vestoj #10

    18 January 2022
    The arrival of a new print issue of Vestoj, the ‘Journal of Sartorial Matters’, is always a joy, and this latest issue is no exception. Although always busy online, the print edition demonstrates how a well-designed, themed set of stories can deliver for the fashion-obsessed and fashion-wary alike.
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  • Adam Hunt, This Way Up
    At work with:

    Adam Hunt, This Way Up

    17 January 2022

    Advertising art director Adam Hunt describes the ups and downs of publishing This Way Up, an occasional magazine that practices what it preaches, celebrating self-initiated creative projects. He shares his work environment, his inspirations and his week ahead.

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  • Math #9
    It’s this one thing:

    Math #9

    12 January 2022

    For the sixth edition of ‘It’s This One Thing’ Danielle gets up close and personal with Math magazine, and finds it a more positive experience than her schoolday memories of both maths and sex education lessons led her to expect.

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