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  • Paul Benney, Disco Pogo
    At work with:

    Paul Benney, Disco Pogo

    4 July 2022
    New launch Disco Pogo is the latest magazine to confound the idea that the music mag is a fading genre. Launched by the duo behind 90’s dance music/club culture mag Jockey Slut, it continues where that left off in 2004, covering old and new dance music. We hear from co-founder Paul Benney about his working week, his influences, and the origins of the new mag.
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  • A Profound Waste of Time #2
    Page 23:

    A Profound Waste of Time #2

    24 June 2022
    Page 23 of beautifully crafted videogames mag A Profound Waste of Time is the perfect example of how a print publication can reflect its subject. The simple illustration offers space and pace—a common theme of our Page 23 posts—but also acts as a context for a printed easter egg, a letter insert cleverly translating the screen experience to print.
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  • Dan Jolin, Senet
    At work with:

    Dan Jolin, Senet

    20 June 2022

    Boardgaming magazine Senet is a perfect example of an indie mag reinventing a genre of publishing. Launched by writer/editor Dan Jolin and art director James Hunter in early 200, it combines expertise with strong design. Dan talks to us about his interest in boardgames and how Senet offers a different take on the subject.

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