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  • The Baffler #56
    Cover story:

    The Baffler #56

    15 September 2021

    Bimonthly US mag The Baffler presents a critical, liberal view of politics and culture, alongside short stories, poetry and art. It’s covers provide a blank canvas for an illustrator to highlight a feature in the issue; we spoke to design studio No Idea about this recent cover about counterpublics, drawn by Kurt Woerpel.

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  • Matteo Cossu, Uno-Due
    At work with:

    Matteo Cossu, Uno-Due

    13 September 2021
    We start the week with Matteo Clossu, editor of football magazine Uno-Due, as their third issue goes on sale. The publication looks at society through the lens of football, with a wide range of stories presented with great design and visual flair. Matteo shares his week ahead and advice for wannebe publishers.
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  • The Flatplan 2021

    The Flatplan 2021

    9 September 2021
    Have you been thinking about launching your own magazine? Now’s your chance to take a large step towards that ambition, with our magazine-making masterclass The Flatplan. It takes place online over the weekend 5&6 March (note this revised date), and we’re offering free places to students and people of colour.
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