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  • Independent magazine survey #1

    Independent magazine survey #1

    9 April 2021

    We know the indie scene is in a healthy state creatively, but how successful are the magazines as businesses? We’re always being asked questions about this, but until now there’s been no research to look to for answers. So we’re excited to post a first headline figure from our new survey of publishers, the first of its kind.

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  • ES ‘London reopens’ covers
    Cover story:

    ES ‘London reopens’ covers

    8 April 2021
    The countdown is on: London’s shops (and those in the rest of England) are reopening next Monday. So it’s nice to see ES Magazine, the free weekly that comes with the free Evening Standard newspaper, celebrate the news with a set of four special covers today.
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  • Superposition #1
    Page 23:

    Superposition #1

    8 April 2021

    New Swiss architecture magazine Superposition arrives wrapped in a gorgeously contrasting red and blue typographic cover announcing the theme, Hardcore Home.
    Inside, a series of thoughtful stories about Home are presented in a gentler manner, and our latest Page 23 is typical of that.

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