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  • Linseed Journal #1
    A mag in five pix:

    Linseed Journal #1

    5 October 2022
    Linseed Journal does everything right: it looks great, feels great, and continually surprises with its erudite and thoughtful content. It’s an example of the magazine as experience, using a single natural object—the humble apple—to explore art, history, science, design and horticulture.
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  • Patrick Lynch, Journal of Civic Architecture
    At work with:

    Patrick Lynch, Journal of Civic Architecture

    3 October 2022
    The Journal of Civic Architecture is a smart biannual publication that is the flagship of Canalside Press, a London imprint from architecture practice Lynch Architects. As well as leading the architecture practice, Patrick Lynch edits JoCA.
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  • Sebastian Wells, Solomiya
    At work with:

    Sebastian Wells, Solomiya

    26 September 2022
    This bold new magazine introduces the young people who have grown up in Ukraine as an independent state, adding a human face to the war in their country. Photographers Sebastian Wells and Vsevolod Kazarin combine portraits and creative work with on-the-ground reports and links to ways you can help Ukraine.
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