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Get closer to magCulture with the new magCulture Club! Click to find out more…
Get closer to magCulture with the new magCulture Club!
The magCulture Boxset

The magCulture Boxset

Inspire your customers, staff and clients with the magCulture Boxset.

What is the magCulture Boxset?
The Boxset is a box of five magazines, delivered every three months to subscribers: a carefully selected set of new publications that together provide an exciting overview of current independent publishing.

Who is the magCulture Boxset for?
We’re aiming it at businesses we believe will benefit from having easy access to the impressive world of independent magazines. Since we opened the magCulture shop we’ve been regularly helping companies source collections of mags on a one-to-one basis. The magCulture Boxset is a streamlined extension of this service. Individuals are welcome to subscribe too, of course, for some binge-reading!

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