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Capsule #2

310 x 335 mm, 200 pages, spiral bound
Milan, Italy
Annual (during Milan Fashion Week)
First published in 2022
Deputy editor: Paul Cournet
Creative director: Alessio Ascari
Art direction: Kasper-Florio and Samuel Bäzinger, in collaboration with Hassan Rahim

Capsule is a huge new offering from the team at Kaleidoscope, a glossy, chunky, spiral bound design mag—‘indulging in a lavish physicality’—and refusing to be put in a single box. It covers interiors and architecture, fashion and technology, ecology and craft in order to assess and explore the relationship between design and consumption.

This second issue launched last month at Milan Design Week, and features three different covers (and three different-coloured spiral bindings), the exceedingly comfortable-looking 'Willo Perron's Bed-in', 'Paulin Paulin Paulin in Tokyo', and 'Working Out with Barragán'. Also inside, Snowcrash, John Pawson, Kazuyo Sejima, Dieter Rams, Italian Car Design, Nifemi Marcus-Bello, Brutalisten, and much more.

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