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Heavy Traffic #4

178 x 253 mm, 148 pages
New York, US
Every 4 months, since 2022
Editor: Patrick McGraw
Design: Richard Turley/FOOD

The literary publication from US-based magazine junkie Patrick McGraw, who describes his mag thus, ‘Many people have told me that Heavy Traffic needs to be explained. That writing a manifesto would bring the magazine great success. The magazine is heavily edited. But it is impossible for every piece to sound the same…’

Designed in monochrome serif typography by Richard Turley and team (Interview, Civilization), the magazine feels fast, spontaneous and very readable.

On the Journal
At work with Patrick McGraw: ‘I believe things are much better left unexplained, and people can just come up with opinions themselves. To explain Heavy Traffic would be to kill it in a way. And even then there will come a time where it just explains itself and it will die then anyway.’
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