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Holo #3: Mirror Stage

170 x 240 mm, 228 pages
Berlin, Germany
Created by: Alexander Scholz, Filip Visnjic, Greg J. Smith
Art direction/design: zmyk, Oliver Griep & Jan Spading
Editor/research partners: Nora N. Khan, Peli Grietzer

'Mirror Stage: Between Computability and Its Opposite'

In this third edition of art, science, philosophy and technology publication Holo, guest editor and author Nora N. Khan along with 'fifteen luminaries' work together to 'question our problematic faith in and deference to AI.'

Packed full of interesting societal-come-philosophical-come-technological essays, this aesthetically-pleasing magazine (it includes a silver-foiled flap brochure and open thread-sewn binding) makes for some hefty cerebral exercise without coming off as dry and overbearingly academic.

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