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Plethora Magazine #12

520 x 720 mm, 52 pages, in embossed folder
Copenhagen, Denmark
Printed by Narayana Press Yoga Ashrama 
Editor-in-chief: Peter Steffensen
Creative director: Anita Johansen
Art director: Jonathan Schreiber

We’re proud to once again stock this extraordinary, super-sized magazine. Its huge B2+ pages are a beautifully printed with organic ink (by Hindu monks at that) and it immediately, as the team behind it set out to, 'challenges the bounds of the conventional magazine format.'

The images are stunning, the texts riveting. It comes in a handmade, embossed, archival folder (made out of traditional fibre-carton) and held together by hand-dyed cotton ribbons coloured with natural pigments.

For this, their twelfth volume, the issue is themed 'of Patterns and Fragments' and explores the many patterns and 'fractals' found in nature, as well as ' the phenomenon of pareidolia, uncanny illusions of mind, the diffused consciousness of cephalopods and the impossibility of black swans.'

Featured inside are: Wilson Bentley, Anna Atkins, Adam Jeppesen, Lee Bae, Kristopher Biernat, Nicolai Howalt, Tilde Bay Kristoffersen, Henry Fox Talbot and more.

On the Journal: 
Regarding Plethora Magazine #5: ‘The heavy, off-white Munken paper rejoices in space and time – its scale slows down the turning of the pages — and is the ideal medium for a gentle meditation on the moon, or ‘Aurum Luna’ as the title page has it…’ READ MORE

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