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Present #3

205 x 275 mm, 292 pages 
Berlin, Germany (English-language)
First published 2019
Creative director and editor: Hugo Hoppmann
Art director and designer: Sarah Discours and Hugo Hoppmann

Present is for the makers and the dreamers out there. The mission of the magazine is 'to inspire starting by producing stories from around the world on creating, discipline and self-care, through the lens of makers and creators of today.'

This third issue explores the theme Reboot. As editor Hugo Hoppmann writes: 'The word reboot rings in my head every day. To reboot is to be aware of what you need and act on it. To reboot is to stand up again, to fail, to learn, to try again. To reboot is to brush off the past, commit to the moment, and simply begin again.' Amen.

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