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Real Review #14

115 x 260 mm, 104 pages (with foldout poster)
London, UK
Editor-in-chief: Jack Self
Associate editor: Maddy Weavers
Art direction and design: Colin Doerffler

Perennially popular at the magCulture shop, this ingeniously formatted magazine concerns architecture (and life) in its broadest sense: ‘What it means to live today’. This issue of Real Review (with accompanying foldout poster) is dedicated to Direct Perception:

‘At one pole is a purely rational description of the cosmos. At the other, a rich cultural soup of narrative. A direct perception of reality emerges from the tension between these two extremes. Material reality is not always meaningful. Human meaning is not really true. But as a charged exchange, we can tell stories about hardcore science in order to comprehend its truths; and we can acknowledge myth as a symbolic function, stripping their power to distort, misinform and miseducate. For exactly seven years, this magazine has tried to capture something of what it means to live today... we now understand that Real Review is a magazine recording the terminal period of capitalist modernity.’

On the Journal:
Founder Jack Self shares the strategy behind the magazine’s cover designs.

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