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Red Skate #3

170 x 220 mm, 142 pages (with plastic cover)
Chicago, USA
Published since 2018
Editors: Anthony Randazzo, Danny Klein and Peter Scaletta
Graphic Design: Anthony Randazzo

Bookish and understated, Red Skate offers a glimpse into Chicago's local skate culture, exploring the sport through art, photography and community in order to ‘create a broader vision of the culture’.

This third issue is presented in a protective plastic cover with metallic accents throughout the design, and includes features on the city's skate aesthetic, a trip to a skate school on the Southside, a studio tour with local sculptor Olivia Zubko and an interview with a former board shop owner, neatly interspersed amongst ‘galleries’ of local skaters performing various tricks around Illinois—kickflips, ollies, back nosegrinds et al.

Edition of 300.

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