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Sindroms #7, Gold

208 x 280 mm
Copenhagen, Denmark (English-language)
Creative director: Miruna Sorescu
Editor: Adam Strandberg

'Is all that glitters gold?'

A biannual journal looking at life, culture and creativity through the prism of a specific colour with each issue. This, friends, is their limited edition GOLD issue and it's a particularly striking one. Covers by Will Bunce and Andrès Reisinger. (Solid gold* cover underneath the wraparound jacket!)

'Through the Golden Sindrom, we set out to explore humankind's eternal strive for excellence — why we long for it, and what comes with that chase. Exploring these questions, the edition touches upon subjects such as the notion of success and the temporary high that comes with winning, how self-improvement can become over consuming, or why the metaverse is a modern day El Dorado...'

500 copies only. *Not actual gold.

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