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Slanted #41, Amsterdam

160 x 240 mm, 226 pages
Karlsruhe, Germany (English-language)
Editor-in-chief and creative director: Lars Harmsen
Design:  Clara Weinreich

The biannual magazine covering international graphic design and culture returns with its latest issue dedicated to Amsterdam, its shocking green cover playfully riffing off of the city's mysterious 'XXX' coat of arms. 

Inside, it's chock full of colourful and eye catching visuals from leading Dutch designers, studios and brands, as you'd expect from a city in which design plays such a central role:

Design is ubiquitous in Amsterdam, from the bike path to the police cars and even the city crest. The maze of canals and the upcoming neighborhoods are characterized by muted tones, dominated by black cobblestones, and dark brick. Behind the facades it rattles. The Dutch have always let it rip. The orange is more intense, the red more luminous, the black more brutal.

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