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Subsequence #5

260 × 372 mm, 166 pages (plus supplement 'My Archives: A Handmade Minibook')
Tokyo, Japan (Japanese and English-language)
Chief editor: Kosuke Ide
Art director: Junpei Niki

‘Arts & Crafts for the Age of Eclectic’ is the tagline for this large-format Japanese magazine: ‘Based on the guiding principle of unfolding new and untold stories from individual perspectives, we aim to create a magazine in the spirit of passionate craftsmen and artisans who love their craft.’

This is the Body Presence issue, throughout the issue (as ever, larger-than-life and gorgeously made) editor-in-chief Kosuke Ide urges us to move out of the 'creative recession' created, at least in part, by the two years(ish) of pandemic. 'Feel a little, think a little', Kosuke writes. 

'I’ve been struck with a desire to think more about the importance of physical sensations. In this issue we have interviewed many individuals whose careers are based on forms of expression—artists, designers, musicians—and have asked them about the relationship between their work and the physical body.'

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