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The City Is Ours #3

150 x 220 mm, 100 pages
Helsinki, Finland
First published 2022
Concept, design and art direction: SerraGlia x Other Editions

The city is ours: We don’t need to escape into a virtual world’

A finite series of six issues, The City Is Ours is nicher-than-niche and oddly alluring. Their third issue, once again subtitled ‘Things to look for along the way’ is all about ‘Superficial damages’ which is brilliant. 

Over 100 pages, this lovingly designed publication aims to show that ‘anything can be more interesting and meaningful than what it seems to be’ and, by the time you get to the end of it, you might just find that you're convinced too.

On the Journal, It's this one thing:
‘This incredibly niche title may have won the ‘It’s this one (very specific) thing’ crown. The first in a series of six issues encouraging street-level curiosity, Finnish publication The City Is Ours is nicher-than-niche and oddly, wonderfully alluring...’

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