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Wonderground #4

170 x 240 mm, 156 pages
Sydney, Australia
Editor and publisher: Georgina Reid
Design: Evi O. Studio

'Wonderground is a publication that exists to connect hearts to soil, through story.' Think thoughtful words, plants and a satisfyingly-matte finish. This pale-pink issue is themed 'Family/Tree' and inside you'll find thoughtful features where, 'like a healthy forest ecosystem, there’s a diversity of light and dark, hope and wonder...'

As editor Georgina Reid writes in the opening pages to the issue: 'Trees tell stories. The word library, which comes from the Latin librarium meaning "chest for books", has it's etymological roots in liber: "the inner bark of trees". We've long used trees to tell our own tales, but perhaps it's time to listen for theirs?' Lovely.

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