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Racquet #23

240 x 190 mm, 122 pages
New York, US
Publisher, founder: Caitlin Thompson
Editor, founder: David Shaftel
Art director: Larry Buchanan 

A magazine about tennis that places the sport at the heart of art, culture, fashion and ideas. Always a rich read and visual treat, whether you’re a tennis head or not (trust us). 

Indian tennis legend Anand Amritraj looks particularly cool in this late summer heat on the cover of Racquet's 23rd edition, with more tennis content from India inside by way of a little known slice of history—a battle waged on a court in the northern city of Kohima, during WWII. Elsewhere, the best and worst of tournament trophies, Saudi Arabia's encroaching influence, newfound appreciation for pantomime villain Novak Djokovic and a trip to Lake Como for some late summer lounging, on and off the court. 

On Vimeo:
Editor David Shaftel and publisher Caitlin Thompson joined Jeremy Leslie to discuss launching their magazine as part of our MagMagMag series in New York, May 2022.

On the Journal:
‘Though tennis is absolutely at its core, Racquet really is wide open. Art, culture and fashion are all very much at home here. I mean, despite the fact I haven’t picked up a racquet in years (though my partner was a minor child wunderkind at the sport) here I am, a little bit in love with a tennis magazine...' READ MORE

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