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Apartamento Cookbook #7, Late-Night Meals

180 x 250 mm, 46 pages (hardback book)
Editorial director: Robbie Whitehead
Managing editor: Madeleine Willis

The latest in Apartamento magazine’s annual series of cookbooks stays up with you into the small hours of the night.

‘Whether you’re coming home late after a long shift, stumbling through the door off the back of an indulgent evening out, or simply feeling peckish post-dinner, we’re here to lead the way as you rummage bleary-eyed through the kitchen cupboard, with 16 recipes by chefs and food-lovers around the world.’

Gorgeously illustrated throughout by Benoît François.

20% of the profit from the book will be donated to the Enriqueta Villavecchia Private Foundation for Child Oncology.

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