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Little Joe: A book about queers and cinema, mostly

138 x 216mm, 512 pages (perfect bound, softcover)
London, UK
Edited by Sam Ashby 

'A book about queers and cinema, mostly'

Little Joe returns once again this time in book form! And boy oh boy, does she look good in lavender. After the publication of issue five of Little Joe the magazine, editor Sam Ashby left London to begin a rural life away from the city (and its then rapidly closing queer bars) But. He returned and with him, Little Joe returned too.

Of course, it's been a little while since the last issue of the magazine itself but here we are blessed with a 'Top of the Pops' compendium made of all of the very best bits of the six editions of the magazine. A very lovely thing indeed.

Inside you'll be greeted by 'in-depth conversations, short stories and archival discoveries from a host of queer and allied writers, artists, filmmakers, and academics, including John Waters, Sarah Schulman, Douglas Crimp, William E. Jones, Erika Balsom, Jeremy Atherton Lin, John Greyson, Elizabeth Purchell, Liz Rosenfeld, Peter Strickland, Ira Sachs, Terence Davies, Shu Lea Cheang, Kevin Killian, Wayne Koestenbaum, Abdellah Taïa, Marlene McCarty, John Cameron Mitchell, Rosa von Praunheim, Stuart Comer, Ed Halter, Jenni Olson, A.L. Steiner, A.K. Burns, Desiree Akhavan, and Andrew Haigh.'

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