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Building Ligatures: The Power of Type

156 × 232 mm, 250 pages
Prague, Czech Republic
First printed 2022
Managing editor: Linda Kudrnovská
Design: Filip Blažek

Building Ligatures: The Power of Type tells the story of the first 15 years of international type foundry TypeTogether through their fonts and their clients. It uses the idea of the typographic ligature—a special type character that visualy combines two letters—as a metaphor for the collaboration between foundry and client.

‘In typography a ligature is a connection, an unbreakable bond between parts that results in something new, useful, and evocative. Over the course of its fifteen years in existence, the TypeTogether type foundry has built precisely that — both literally and figuratively. In Building ligatures: the power of type, TypeTogether’s cosmopolitan team of experts presents a cross section of the knowledge, experience, and best practices in type design, typography, and graphic design.’

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