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The Monocle Companion: Fifty ideas to Improve Your Life

140 x 210 mm, 212 pages (softcover) 
London, UK
Editor: Josh Fehnert 
Creative director: Richard Spencer Powell
Art director: Sam Brogan
Designer: Jessica North-Lewis 
Illustrated by: Peter Zhao

A new salmon-pink, softcover paperback from the team behind Monocle, 2022's The Monocle Companion: Fifty ideas to Improve Your Life is jam-packed with colourful illustrations by Peter Zhao and 'essays, recommendations, opinions, improvements, nudges and opportunities' by a smorgasbord of writers to help you get more out of life. 

Exploring questions and ideas from 'A brief history of time and why applications that claim to track it can be a waste of yours' to 'why it’s OK to change your mind – sometimes – and why people should', there is plenty in here to get you thinking. And what better time of year to do so than in the summer? Perfect reading for an iced coffee in the park or lounging on a beach somewhere sun-soaked. As Monocle says on the back cover of its Companion: 'Let's live better'.

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