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c/o Vienna #4

210 x 270mm, 244 pages 
Vienna, Austria (German and English Language)
Editor-in-chief: Antje Mayer-Salvi
Art direction: Christoph Schörkhuber

Interviews and reports from the Austrian capital, Vienna. This is The Wasted Issue exploring 'our ambivalent relationship with nature and about the love of life!'

In this issue: Lars Eidinger, Ecosex, Jannine Schiller, Maša Stanic, Roman Signer, Christian Anwander, Lois Hechenblaikner, Deal With It - Drogenkonsum 2.0, Guenter Part, Marianne Kohn, Die Schönheit der Verschwendung, Bela Borsodi, Anziehung und Ekel, The Turtle Man, Rafaela Pröll, The Poetry Of Plants, Maria Happel and more.

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