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Cactus #10

240 x 340 mm, unbound
First published 2015
Milan, Italy (English-language)
Founder and Creative director: Luca Smorgon
Editor: Simone Rossi


Spring/Summer 2021

A visual tour-de-force of quirky, fashion-orientated photography and art, this latest issue is 'seeking to adapt to this new world'. In doing so, is has stretched and extended itself into an unbound, 'poster-like structure'.

This issue features: Caroline Achaintre, Arno Beck, Sophia Brikgerd, Maja Djordjevic, Hannah Diamond, Elisa Giardina Papa, Vivien Hoffmann, Hudinilson Jr., Leonhard Laupchler, Enrico Malatesta, Alessandro Mannelli, Awista Montagne, Bruce Nauman, Nicolas Poillot, Cecile Poupon, Noel Quintela, Aaron Scheer, Tais Sirote, Synchrodogs, Charlotte Taylor, Treti Galaxie, Stephanie Vogl.

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