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Foam Magazine #66

230 x 300 mm, 300 pages (open binding)
Amsterdam, Netherlands (English language)
Managing editor: Katy Hundertmark
Editor: Henri Badoröh
Art director: Hamid Sallali

Thick-set, well-regarded photography publication Foam presents multiple portfolios of work from across the world. Printed on different papers alongside interviews and opinions from art-shaped expert people, each edition of the magazine explores a different theme.

This is the MISSING MIRROR issue which explores 'photography through the lens of AI'. A multidimensional project, this (sure to be popular) edition of Foam brings together an exhibition, a digital platform, and chunky, print magazine. 

As they explain: 'Together we look at the growing overlaps between art, technology, and society, exploring how the recent advancements in AI impact our relationship with the image, ourselves, and our perception of reality. 'How do we form a truthful image of the world when credibility is questioned? And vice versa, how do we recognise ourselves in the images around us?

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