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Garment #19

245 mm x 320 mm, 100 pages
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (English-language)
First published 2004
Editor-in-chief: Eline Braa
Publisher: AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute 

Produced by graduating students, each annual magazine from Amsterdam’s Fashion Institute (AFI) examines a single garment in a wonderfully witty way.

The Summer 2022 issue dives headfirst (physically and digitally) into the Future Through Headwear: 'Culture and headwear are undeniably intertwined, and so many of us have precious childhood memories involving these incomparably expressive garments. A hat, a headscarf or even your hair completes an outfit like nothing else...'

Expect upcycled, alien skin, 'phygital' and organic design —  an assortment of kit imagined as 'the cherry on top of your carefully created look.' 

Cover Photographer Zoé Verrières.

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