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Holiday #392, Paris

275 x 345 mm, 290 pages
Paris, France (English-language)
Relaunched in 2014
Editor & publisher: Franck Durand
Editor-in-chief: Marc Beaugé

‘It is written in English, but its heart French’

The international travel and style review lets us imagine the holidays of our dreams. Relaunched by Paris-based creative director Franck Durand in 2014 after a 37-year hiatus, Holiday is a modern classic built on its ’50s heyday.

This issue is somewhat of a homecoming, as the team set their sights on the city where it all began—Paris! A city that evokes complex feelings, as editor Marc Beaugé muses:

‘It’s tempting to stop loving Paris, to stop seeing it, believing in it. To behave as if Paris was no longer Paris. To repeatedly say that it used to be better. To grumble. To have regrets. To sneer at construction works, bus and cycle lanes, the forthcoming Olympics, delivery workers, street furniture, advertising on monuments... It’s tempting to disdain Paris because it’s always tempting to be snobbish. It’s both spectacular and easy. Obviously, one should resist that easy temptation.’

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