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Interview #542

230 x 300 mm, 180 pages
New York, US
Editorial director: Richard Turley
Creative director: Mel Ottenberg
Art director: Kurt Woerpel

Always an interesting read, we believe that right now, Interview is the most exciting and relevant example of contemporary editorial design out there. Launched in 1969 by Andy Warhol, the original celebrity mag celebrated its 50th anniversary last year with a return to the original large-format page size, and continues at that size.

On the cover of the Spring 2022 issue, Donald Glover and an owl.

On the Journal:
Our At Work With interview with (former) editor-in-chief Nick Haramis:
‘My interest in Interview has always been about the cacophony of personalities who crash and converge in its pages, so my main goal was to make it feel and look more irreverent and joyful and, in some ways, scrappy.’

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