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Neural #72

210 x 280 mm, 44 pages
Bari, Italy
Magazine first published in 1993
Editor-in-chief: Alessandro Ludovico
Design: Pedro Sá Couto, Miguel Carvalhais,
Published by: Associazione Culturale Neural

'Critical digital culture and media arts'

Published since 1993, Neural deals with new media art, electronic music and 'hacktivism'. This latest issue provides something that is sorely lacking in the world of tech these days: ‘Machine Transparency.’

The artists featured in this issue attempt to make the invisible visible. Designer Vivian Xu combines E. coli bacteria with electrodes to explore a hybrid ecological-electronic reality, artist Timo Toots promotes healthy communication between humans and machines, and hacker-art collective Total Refusal investigates the inner world of NPCs (non-playing characters in video games).

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