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Nobody #2

175 x 230 mm, 148 pages
Berlin, Germany (English-language)
First published 2022
Editors: Sami Emory and Tessa Love
Art director and designer: Eva Gonçalves

Nobody is a publication concerned with 'people and the stories, places, and things they carry.' Created by two self-identified 'deeply uncool adults' as a space to share writing beyond the realm of celebrities, headlines and clickbait. Instead, we venture 'into the lives of strangers, and at the everyday experiences that teach us about ourselves.'

The cover of their second issue is gun-metal grey-hued with pleasingly pale yellow accents, including the lower-case title. The theme? 'Ghosts' but not in the spooky sense, necessarily. Instead, this issue explores 'the things that haunt in other ways' not limited to themes including 'mothers, photography and parallel realities'.

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