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Nork #6

215 x 275 mm, 160 pages
Tromsdalen, Norway (English-language)
Editor: Agnese Zīle
Graphic design: Bukett Grafik

Another issue of colourful Norwegian illustration mag, Nork. This time themed: Memories.

'Growing up, I remember memory books being an important part of our everyday life at school. Like most things that age, the concept was if I'm not going to a store to try find the most beautiful and affordable notebook there, most likely one adorned with glittering flowers, horses or something of that nature. ...

'Throughout this issue of Nork, you'll find a handful of memory book pages. ... I'd love for those memory pages to serve as a fascinating time capsule with a more contemporary twist.'

On the Journal:
'We loved the last issue of Nork, the illustration magazine from the far north of Norway, and it was little surprise it won last year’s illustration title at the Stack Awards. As the fifth issue arrives we catch up with founder Agnese Zīle, who travelled to Tromsø from Latvia and was inspired to stay. Here, she talks about her coming week and the new issue.’   READ MORE

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