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Pfeil Magazine #16

233 x 330mm, 56 pages (plus free poster)
London, UK
Editors: Anja Dietmann, Julia Lerch Zajaczkowska
Design: JMMP, Julian Mader, Max Prediger
Publisher: Montez Press

Pfeil was conceived as an exhibition in print form, its pages adding up to an imagined gallery for artists to display their work. This latest issue is gloriously pink, with a typically wide range of text and visual contributions addressing the theme, ‘Friend’. What might be a confused mess of content is really well curated and presented.

On the Journal, At work with Anja Dietmann:
‘The magazine was founded because we were searching for new exhibition places in Hamburg while studying. Then the idea came up instead of doing an actual exhibition, we do a printed one in the format of a magazine which can be brought to different places.’
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