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Sole 22/23

210 x 280 mm, 288 pages
UAE (English language) 
Editors-in-chief: Rajat Malhotra, Hussain Moloobhoy, Joshua Cox
Creative director: Hussain Moloobhoy
Art director: Mannie Fagodien

A thick-set independent publication from the Middle East covering international art, music, fashion and contemporary culture, as well as ideas around identity and society. This issue, their 10th Anniversary Edition for 2022/23, celebrates self-expression in particular. 

With matte pages but bursting with colour, life and interesting editorial; features cover everything from UK rap, drill and grime music to Arab representation in video games, our relationship to technology and its impact on our health to an in-depth feature on the 'Many Lives' of self-taught visual artist Hassan Hajjaj. There's plenty within the pages of Sole to discover.

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