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The Wire #470

225 x 280mm, 108 pages
London, UK
Published since 1982
Publisher: Tony Herrington
Editor-in-chief: Chris Bohn
Art direction: Guillaume Chuard 

A must for any underground music fan, The Wire reports on alternative, underground and non-mainstream musics, and 'wages war on the mundane and the mediocre.'

Is that a new masthead? A trimmer format? You're not wrong! With this issue of The Wire, you're looking at 'the most comprehensive overhaul of the magazine's visual identity in more than two decades.' The stripped back, Swiss treatment is the work of new art director Guillaume Chuard who, in the tradition of those before him, was tasked with redesigning not only the title but the entire visual identity, to fit the more economic A4 format and usher in a new era. 

But worry not, for the content remains the same — features, reviews, round-ups and all. On the cover this time, it's Maria Chávez, Mariam Rezaei and Victoria Shen. Plus! A free copy of the latest The Wire Tapper CD. (Yes, CD's do still exist!)

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