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Whalebone, Vol. 8, #1

195 x 265 mm, 150 pages
New York, US
First published 2015
Founder: Jesse Joeckel
Creative director: Mallory Turner
Art director: Ali LaPore

‘The Ninth-Best Magazine in the World’*

So, what exactly is Whalebone magazine? Well, in their own words: 'It started with printing T-shirts and an old van delivering magazines around Montauk, NY, and went from there... Well, it kind of is still there.' What started as a 'fun summer project' has now been going for seven good years. Each issue is themed, a little bit random, and wonderfully lighthearted. This issue, The Comedy Issue, is precisely that but with an added helping of lololol.

*Someone once called Whalebone 'possibly the world’s ninth-best publication', but the team behind it like to think they're 'just a community of like-minded individuals who all believe that being delightfully disoriented and putting some fun into the world isn’t the worst way to spend some time.' We concur.

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