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YeP YeP #2

215 mm x 280 mm, 206 pages
Hong Kong (English & Chinese-language)
First published 2021
Editor & Creative director: Kenny X. Li

YeP YeP is a new print platform for creatives based in and around Hong Kong. It was born as response to the global media attention on Hong Kong throughout 2019/20, aiming to showcase what people couldn’t see. As editor Kenny X. Li writes: ’Despite the pandemic and political drama, we're still a vibrant, thriving cultural playground.’

This vibrant, shining, sometimes freaky second issue is all about 'Play!' Inspired by his eight-year-old son, Li 'found eight artists all based in Hong Kong and told them to play with no right and no wrong. To have fun, experiment, try something new. And make art that is wonderful, weird, or taboo.'

Remember before we were anxious and stressed?
Before doing your taxes and sitting at desks?
Before life got so complex and sober and serious?
It was colorful, mystical, wild, and mysterious.

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