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Yes & No Vol. 3, #3

225 x 300 mm, 141 pages
London, UK
First published in 2017
Founder & editor-in-chief: Cassius Matthias
Art director: Jeremy Kunze

Yes & No has had a little bit of a facelift after an 18-month hiatus (which also saw the magazine go briefly digital). ‘This issue symbolises a fresh start, a new beginning,‘ writes Cassius Matthias in his editor's letter, ‘We’ve turned a corner.’

Themed ‘Starchild’, the issue explores such topics as The Beirut Blast (a year on), The Queering of Photography, The (Not So) Forgotten People of Notting Hill and The Photographic Art (and Science) of Lennart Nilsson; all through a wider lens of arts, culture, science and technology.

On the Journal
At Work With Jeremy Kunze:
‘I work remotely from the team but I’m in contact with editor Cassius Mathias each week. It’s a good relationship where he trusts me, and I trust him.’

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