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Beneficial Shock #7

200 x 280 mm, 82 pages
Bristol, UK
First published in 2017
Editor: Gabriel Solomons
Art director: Philip Wrigglesworth

A film magazine that explores crucial elements of cinema often marginalised or overlooked, using an eclectic mix of illustration and visual documentation. This issue is themed 'Together/Apart' exploring the ways in which films have depicted instances of togetherness and 'apart-ness' over the years.

'Although we come into and leave this world alone, the rest of our lives are spent in the company of others (whether we like it or not). Existentialist philosopher Jean Paul-Sartre made his mind up with the adage that 'Hell is Other People' – but more often than not we only really discover who and what we are through the interactions we have with our friends, family, colleagues, strangers, allies, adversaries and enemies...'

On the Journal:
‘The arrival of a new magazine combining illustration and film inevitably draws comparison with indie hero Little White Lies. But with its launch edition just out, Beneficial Shock has immediately managed to set its own terms and agenda. This is not just another movie mag.’ READ MORE

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