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Neural #71

210 x 280 mm, 52 pages
Bari, Italy
Magazine first published in 1993
Editor-in-chief: Alessandro Ludovico
Design: Pedro Sá Couto, Miguel Carvalhais,
Published by: Associazione Culturale Neural

'Critical digital culture and media arts'

Published since 1993, Neural deals with new media art, electronic music and 'hacktivism'. This latest issue deals with a phenomenon that we're becoming all too familiar with: 'Strange Weathers'.

 Within this (brilliantly titled) issue, you'll find interviews, articles, speculative practices and technologies which redefine the meteorological measures that constitute our understanding of (strange) weather. In their words:

'Strange weathers are intimate and close to the artistic process, as much as the theoretical insights that grow from practice: working with weather comes in many forms and scales and becomes and open invitation to collectively take action towards viable climates and hospitable atmospheres.'
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