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Popular Front #1

190 x 255mm, 122 pages
London, UK
First published 2023
Editor-in-chief: Jake Hanrahan
Design: Laura Adamson

A grassroots media organisation focussing on ‘the niche details of modern warfare and under-reported conflict’, Popular Front produces documentaries, a podcast and now, a magazine. This first issue reports on East Congo's armed militias, a 3D printing weapons workshop in Syria, a group of ‘radical winemakers’ from southern France and The Lions Den, a new resistance group from Nablus, Palestine. 

On the magazine's mission, editor-in-chief Jake Hanrahan writes: ‘This is war reporting without the frills and elitism often associated with conventional media. We document the highs and lows of a world on fire without watering it down or pushing an agenda. We're honest about who we are: misfits, anoraks, and transients. We don't like authoritarianism, but we're not dogmatic politicos.’

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