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The Road Rat #14

230 x 290mm, 246 pages
Leicester, UK
Editor: Michael Harvey
Creative director: Guy Berryman
Art direction: Sam Walton & Jasper van den Bosch

'A thing for cars'

A timeless, collectable compendium of the greatest stories from the past, the present and future of motor cars — whether on road or track. Issue #14 has been jigged about and made into something highly visual as it celebrates 'the greatest race of them all — Le Mans.'

In their own words: 'We’ve ripped up the format of the publication, replacing it with a photo-driven scrapbook of the 24 Hours capturing its many moods and punctuated by The Road Rat’s traditional long-form features by writers like Richard Meaden, Dutch Mandel and Stephen Bayley plus commissioned visuals from the likes of Ashley Border and Paul Howse. Includes a 16-page appendix of all the winners.'

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