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Emergence #4

2153 x 280 mm, 276 pages
Inverness, US
Published annually since 2019
Executive editor: Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
Managing editor: Seana Quinn
Art director: Hannah Merriman

‘Living through the unknown’

The latest print edition of thick-set Emergence is as beautiful as ever as it continues its longform examination of our broken relationship with the earth and the land. This time around the theme is 'Shifting landscapes': 

'Just as the Earth’s ancient patterns and pathways are undergoing seismic shifts, so too are our cultural landscapes—histories are being uncovered, outdated myths discarded, and new stories brought to light. What do we need to orient ourselves when the world we have known is coming undone and new configurations are still taking shape?'

Inside, you'll find writing by Ocean Vuong, Greg Sarris, Tristan McConnell, Alexis Wright, James Bridle, Laia Jufresa and more. There's also photography, art, and thoughtful design throughout.

On the Journal
At work with
Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee: ‘We released our first print edition, an annual, in September 2019. It pulls what we felt was the best work we published online from our first four issues into a print experience. It’s comprised not only of essays, interviews, poetry, and photography from those issues but also print adaptations of films, virtual reality, and multimedia experiences.’

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