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  • Casa Brutus #278


    230 x 284mm, 198 pages Tokyo, Japan (Japanese-language) Published monthly カーサ ブルータス: Japan’s best interiors and lifestyle magazine, ‘Life Design Ma...

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  • Damn #84


    206 x 275mm, 212 pages Gent, Belgium Editor: Gabrielle Kennedy Creative director: Siegrid Demyttenaere Graphic design: Siegrid Demyttenaere '...

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  • Public #4


    240 x 310mm, 136 pages New York, US Creative director: Alex McWhirter The latest issue of this limited edition art and fashion journal presents po...

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  • Sixteen Journal #9


    240 x 310mm, 226 pages Paris, France (image-led) Biannual Creative director & Editor-in-chief: Xavier Encinas Art direction: Sixteen World F...

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