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Sixteen Journal #8

240 x 310mm, 234 pages
Paris, France (image-led)
Creative director & Editor-in-chief: Xavier Encinas
Art direction: Supergravity
Fashion director & editor: Victoire Simonney

Biannual Sixteen Journal allows a platform for emerging and established artists to share their work outside of their usual, commercial habitat. Volume eight is dedicated to the 'American West' (as in the Wild, Wild...)

Contributing Artists: Jim Goldberg, Bryce Anderson, Jack Davison, Arnaud Lajeunie, Roe Ethridge, Ward&Kweskin, Mark Luckasavage, Larry Towell, Conor Cunningham, Thalía Gochez, Rahim Fortune, Sam Gregg, Mark Mahaney, Xavier Encinas, Carlos Jaramillo, Thibaut Grevet, Mike Brodie, Alexander Picon and Matthew Josephs.

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