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Command+i, Scotland II

194 x 265 mm, 62 pages
Edinburgh, UK
Since 2021
Editors: Cameron Prentice and Alex Longson
Design: Alex Longson

'A travel guide to colour'

A (very designerly) combination of travel photography, colour theory and hexadecimal codes, this issue of the cleverly named Command+i celebrates all that the 'Scottish colourscape' has to offer. 

Much like Photoshop's eyedropper tool after which it is named, the guide extracts colour swatches from numerous locations around Scotland, distilling portions of lochs, hamlets, mountains and cities into their own individual colour combinations. Each location is supplemented with a brief geographic and historic account of the landscape, as well as suggestions of how the palette may be applied in a design context. 

The goal? To inspire creatives to 'use their surroundings as reference points for their work and establish a more conscious connection between the environment and design.' 

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