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Hortus #138

210 mm x 140 mm, 114 pages
Herefordshire, UK
Published since 1987
Founder: David Wheeler

This small-format journal was created as ‘an antidote to those magazines that began to favour photographs over text.’ Sure enough, Hortus is a bookish, essay-driven publication accompanied by black and white photography and small illustrations.

An excerpt from the issue:
‘The whirligig of fashion—in plants, in clothes—spins on and on, of course. And, as always, brevity and ephemerality are its hallmark vocations. And, as always, we go on being fooled into mistaking change for truly new ideas, new products. But even in this relentless mutability there seems to be at least one dependable staple, one certain constant: failing all else – the polka-dot, the lime-rinse, the paisley-pistachio, you name it – the new chic is always Black. That ‘Black is always Fashionable’ is the perennially bankable mantra in the trade of the vertiginously unstable.’

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