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Sirene #13

238 x 320 mm, 102 pages
Printed on paper made from recycled algae
United Kingdom & Italy (English-language edition)

‘The ocean outside, the ocean inside’ says the tagline, in part, it's safe to assume, because the paper used in this magazine about the sea is made from algae (from algal blooms found in at risk lagoons). There's a lot of blue, a bit like a holiday.

In this issue: Land, Air, and Water. Hugo Vau: Surfing Big Mama. Sons of Sinbad. Milos, Between Venus and the Volcano. In the Shadow of the Lighthouse. All the Waves of the Atlantic. Princess Alice Bank. Carlo Sciarrelli, the Man who Talked to Bows. Fuerteventura. La Isla.

On the Journal:
‘The weather in London turned sticky this week and with the muggy heat comes my desire to escape to the sea. Serendipitously, the new issue of Sirene arrived, and I allowed it to gently draw me in over a cup of coffee – for as the brief editorial note states, "This is the sea, and it is summer: nothing else matters"…’ READ MORE

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