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Yuca #3, Sound Alibi

220 x 290 mm, 204 pages. Bogota, Colombia (English-language)

An annual publication, Yuca is always a welcome arrival at magCulture HQ. Full of surprises, the magazine's strong written and visual content works hard at dismantling and reassembling both an issue's theme and its “alibi”.

For this issue the theme is Time, while the alibi is Sound.

On the Journal:
‘Yuca’s theming is somewhat idiosyncratic: they choose an ‘alibi’ (which in latin means ‘elsewhere’ but has come to mean an ‘excuse’) – in this case sound – and juxtapose it with a theme – in this case time – to see what the result of that collision of ideas creates. The issue continues the typographic layout on the front cover whereby the four letters of the name are placed in each corner, and the two themes written at the top and the bottom. For the uninitiated it’s hard to figure out what’s going on, but it’s certainly striking, and fits in with the ways that the magazine is open to chance and genre-defying crossovers in its pages.’ READ MORE

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