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Astra #1

165 x 235 mm, 194 pages
New York, US
First published 2022
Editor-in-chief: Nadja Spiegelman
Creative director: Shannon Jager
Publisher: Ben Schrank

A new (incredibly alluring) literary magazine platforming voices from around the world, aiming for a borderless mode of reading. Beautifully designed and packed with bright illustrations—and comic strips—alongside poetry, fiction and essays, this first lavender-licked issue is themed ‘Ecstasy’.

‘To the ancient Greeks, ecstasy—ekstasis—meant standing outside yourself. You stand outside yourself and a god enters you, or a new language. You slip powder into a water bottle and music enters you. This is what reading offers: the chance to forget the hands that hold the page, to inhabit the hand that held the pen.’

On the cover, art by Germany-based photographer/artist, Isabelle Wenzel. The eagle-eyed of you might also note the editor-in-chief's well-known surname...

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